Cecile Desserle

Cecile Desserle

Cécile Desserle is first and foremost a pop rock artist: faithful and rebel. Faithful to an ethic based on solid, proven technical roots. Strong foundations which enable this passionate woman to set free a vital drive of colours and sensuality and improvise with rare dexterity and talent.

Cécile, born in 1971, produced her first work when just ten years old. In her father’s ceramic workshop she discovered a world revolving around art.

After studying at the Fine Arts school in her home town of Avignon, Cécile trained as a visual artist at the Sorbonne and was subsequently taken on there as teacher of visual arts. She continues to teach Visual Arts and History of Art today. Her inspirations then become a driving force and her permanent signature: the movements and involvement of the artist’s body in Action Painting, omnipresent line drawing strongly influenced by Ernest Pignon Ernest and what she calls the «contemporary palimpsests» of Jacques Villeglé. Her interest in Street art will become a clear anchor for her.

2003 was the year of Cécile Desserle’s inaugural exhibition at the Gallery Nicole Gogat, the beginning of a long partnership and great friendship. Success has grown steadily ever since. Cécile surprises us with constantly changing work. Femininity is the essence: curves, lines, strength of expressions, movement and passion expressed through the matter of gestures. Even tools are chosen with feminine technique: she uses make-up brushes for pastel shading, obtaining extremely sensual flesh tones.